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We realize that just telling you we’re the best choice for HR solutions isn’t good enough. So here are a few stories that show how we’ve helped clients impact what matters most to their company.

    Career Education School

    Learning to rebuild trust.

    Structural changes caused employees to be uncertain about their job security. We immediately went to work on a plan to ease existing anxieties, re-establish open communication between employees and management, and improve morale and trust overall. 

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    Leadership Skills Mentoring

    Fostering long-term leaders.

    Because of fast growth, employees promoted to management roles had not received formal training, which was negatively affecting culture. Employer Flexible set out to develop a mentoring program that realigned management’s direction with organizational goals.

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    San Antonio Medical Clinic

    Clarifying roles for a healthier workflow.

    This client was in need of updated job descriptions so employees were clear about their responsibilities. We led a job description blitz that helped the clinic better manage expectations of each role, improve communication between departments and plan future workforce growth.

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