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No more wasting time on the wrong people

You can’t take your company to the next level and achieve your vision without the right people on your team, and finding the right people is not always an easy task. Sometimes you need to call on someone else to do the searching for you. That’s where we come in.

    Employer Flexible is not just a staffing company. We’re specialists in all of the industries we represent – and we represent quite a few. We continually educate ourselves on what’s happening in the industries by attending events, keeping up with trends and staying apprised of future developments. It’s this knowledge that allows us to understand exactly what type of talent you need and find the ideal person for the job.

    We have an extensive pool of junior level to executive candidates in these industries:

    Finance and Accounting
    Human Resources
    Information Technology
    Sales and Marketing
    Supply Chain Management

    One size fits all doesn’t apply to recruiting.

    Your recruiting needs are as unique as your company, which is why we offer scalable professional search services. You can choose from either contingent or retained search, depending on your current goals.

    Contingent Search
    You may not need to add a lot of people to your team, but you definitely need to add the right people. We’ll partner with your hiring team and use the following process to find candidates who will fit into your culture and help you achieve your goals.

    Step 1   Research and discovery meetings
    Step 2   Targeting competitors
    Step 3   Developing a target list of candidates
    Step 4   Recruiting the candidate
    Step 5   Qualifying the candidate
    Step 6   Interviewing and closing

    Retained Search
    Certain situations call for a longer term recruiting partnership. You may have an urgent need or you might have to fill a high level role that calls for confidentiality. Whatever the case, a retained search has a lot of advantages.

    • A dedicated recruiting team – We put your search at the top of our priority list. 
    • A longer guarantee period – Our retained search success rate is 100%. You really can’t beat that.
    • A true partnership – We keep everything transparent and update you weekly on our search progress.

    How can we help you impact what matters?
    Email or call us today at 1.866.501.4942