5 Ways to Get Your Employees Active in the New Year


Starting a new year is the perfect time to change things about one’s life in order to improve mental and physical health. Having happy and healthy employees increases productivity at work and encourages a positive work environment. Allowing employees to come together as a team with a goal of becoming more fit and healthy promotes comradery as well as a more positive lifestyle.  The Employer Flexible team has put together a few tips and tricks to encourage employees to get healthy in the new year.

  1. Health and Fitness Challenge:

A health and fitness challenge is a great way to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. In this challenge, healthy habits count as points. For example you could collect points if you exercise for30 minutes, if an employee sleeps over 7 hours or anytime an employee takes the stairs instead of the elevator. Whoever has the most points at the end of the week gets a prize!

  1. Weight-Loss Challenge:

Weight-loss can be a tough but rewarding challenge for anyone looking to improve their lives. Gather employees who wish to participate and divide them into teams. Each team sets a goal as to the number of pounds their team wishes to lose in a certain time frame. Whichever team beats or exceeds their set goal first wins a prize!

  1. Miles Walked by Team:

Being in an office all day can make it difficult to get our steps in. Encourage employees to set a goal for the number of miles walked per team in a week and see who can meet or beat the goal number of miles. After a few months, whichever team has met their goal for the greatest number of weeks wins the challenge.

  1. Raffle Entry for Healthy Habits:

Every day for a week encourage employees to engage in a healthy habit such as: walk 2,000 steps, take the stairs or bring a healthy lunch from home. Choose habits that are attainable for your employees but make it a challenge! If an employee completes the assigned task, they are entered into a raffle with a drawing at the end of the week.

  1. Reward Gym Membership

Fitness classes and gym memberships are becoming more and more common, especially with the new year starting. Offer a reward of some kind to employees who can prove they are actively using their membership or attending workout classes!

Need help implanting any of the above healthy habits in your office? Reach out to your benefits consultant on some easy ways to get your employees encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle!