About Us

It’s all about relationships

At Employer Flexible, our mission is to be a business advocate, passionate about delivering clear solutions that drive performance the right way. We combine our intuition and expertise to truly get to know our clients, their culture and their people so they get what they need. We foster one-to-one relationships built on having a meaningful dialogue about your business. We do whatever it takes to impact what matters.

Our eCode

The Employer Flexible eCode is the true guiding principles and core values that we’ve built our company on. We don’t just dust off the code for clients, but we remind ourselves of it and apply it to everything we do, every day.

  • Get it done
    The most important aspect of any project or task is actually completing it. We believe that to get things done requires an understanding of how each task and project affects the big picture and prioritizing your next actions accordingly.
  • Do it right
    The belief of doing things right not only denotes accuracy and efficiency, but also integrity.
  • Show gratitude
    We believe that an outward expression of gratitude is important within or organization to build a positive, productive and effective work environment. Appreciation should be generously given and generously received.
  • Be selective
    Our core business belief surrounds the premise that we preserve the superior quality of our product and services by continuing to be highly selective in choosing clients, team members, business partners and technology.
  • Stay balanced
    We believe that employees who maintain an enriching personal life as well as professional life are happier, healthier and more productive. These flight attendant instructions hold true in life: “Remember to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then you can help those around you.”
  • Leverage technology
    We are committed to the consistent development of our ability to serve our internal and external clients through the use of technology.
  • Give back
    We recognize and appreciate our responsibility to be active participants in the communities in which we serve by giving back. Learn more about how we make a difference.

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