Dedicated Recruitment

Flexible, dedicated recruitment services

Companies typically have two choices when it comes to recruiting: a do-it-yourself approach, or complete outsourcing. Without a recruiting strategy you can dictate on your own terms, both methods can prove costly to your bottom line. To have true workforce alignment, you need more flexibility than that. That’s where Dedicated Recruitment comes in.

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Not every PEO gives you a direct access line to dedicated recruiting support — we do. Dedicated Recruitment gives you on-demand access to one of our veteran recruiters for insight, guidance and, above all, options. The result: a recruitment process that adapts to your ever-changing hiring needs.
The Dedicated Recruitment Plan

Whether your hiring needs are many and varied or few and far between, it’s important that you continue to get the most out of your relationship with Employer Flexible. We’ll work with you to focus only on the parts of the recruitment process that matter most:

  • Job Posting
    Compelling attraction campaigns take time to create. Our expert recruiting teams are skilled in drafting job descriptions that bring you the right applicants. With our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can also post jobs across multiple sites and use powerful analytics to determine your best ROI.
  • 1st Level Screening (+ Job Posting)
    Screening every applicant takes a lot of time and is often counterproductive based on the number of résumés. We’ll review each applicant to give you a smaller pool of candidates that fit your basic qualifications, saving you time in the process.
  • 2nd Level Screening (+ 1st Level + Job Posting)
    Sometimes you need a more in-depth screening to determine if a candidate is a potential fit. We’ll contact the talent directly to discuss their credentials and, along with a detailed summary, submit the candidates who have effectively communicated that they meet your pre-established criteria.
  • Direct Hire (+ 2nd Level + 1st Level + Job Posting)
    Every business has one or more key positions that, left vacant, can disrupt your workflow and productivity. Employer Flexible can streamline the  process through proactive recruitment of passive and active candidates for immediate or high-level vacancies.
  • Outsourced Recruitment (10 dedicated hours per month)
    Like having your own recruiters in-house, this option provides the flexibility to choose how to spend ten hours of recruiting services each month. Manage your entire recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding, being as aggressive as your hiring needs require you to be.