PEO services built for small business.

All PEOs are not created equal: larger PEO firms are typically pretty rigid in terms of the services they can offer, while smaller companies often struggle to provide expertise in more than one or two areas of human resources. Employer Flexible offers today’s SMB the perfect combination of strength and responsiveness to better manage day-to-day HR services, so you can focus on more important matters: strategic business growth.

Right fit. Right size. Right PEO.

At Employer Flexible, we have tailored our service model to the unique needs of small and midsize businesses just like yours. We’re big enough to have the expertise, technology and buying power to secure the same products as larger firms, but not so big that we put ourselves ahead of our customers’ needs.

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Employer Flexible PEO is just right for the SMB.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

Benefits, payroll, health insurance, risk management and staffing — all designed from the ground up for small and midsize businesses. Employer Flexible PEO easily integrates all your services to make managing HR more about people and less about paperwork.

On-Demand Healthcare Reform Support

The new healthcare reform laws have brought on increased levels of compliance and complexity. Employer Flexible has ACA-certified specialists on staff who can answer all your healthcare questions and save you from costly penalties.

Complete Portfolio Matching

Most PEOs will force you to switch your existing coverage if it’s not a plan they currently offer — but we’re not most PEOs.

Employer Flexible offers everything from aggregate plans to individual client plans to provide the best fit for your company. If we don’t currently administer all or a portion of your current benefits offering, we’ll roll it into our portfolio and build a service package around it.

Long-Term Flexibility

As your business evolves, so should your HR and benefits strategy. We add another level of flexibility to the PEO relationship by providing strategic HR assessments and reviews as you grow. Quarterly and annually, you’ll go over all your benefits options with us, so you can be confident before you recommit.