Will Preparation Made Easy



Preparing a Will doesn’t have to complicated — or expensive. You and your employees have a valuable resource available to assist you, and you have Benefits Consultants who will guide you and your employees through a step by step process.

Employer Flexible can help you and your employees set up a Will. Through our presentation, we guide your employees through a quick, simple process that will only take 20 minutes out of their day.

It is really that simple!

Unfortunately, without these, an already difficult time for employees and their families can be made even more challenging. This preparation will help put you and your loved ones at ease knowing you have arranged details in the event of a loss.

Like anything else, a carefully prepared Will and final arrangements are important. Without these documents, states have a “default” plan for the distribution of property. The laws follow pre-determined actions and might not be what you want or expect to happen.

Employer Flexible can also help your employers learn more and create other important end-of-life documents like:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Living Will/Medical Directive
  • Final Arrangements

Once you have created or updated your Will, we recommend that you have a licensed attorney review it. This will ensure all necessary language and correct forms are included for your state.

Employer Flexible offers our clients the ability to subscribe to Lincoln Financial products such as Life Insurance, EAP, Dental, etc. As a subscriber of these services you can offer your employees the ability to prepare a Last or Living Will for free. If you’re not a subscriber, reach out to your Benefits Consultant today to learn more about Lincoln Financial and their product offerings.