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We’re really into commitment

The way we see it, human resources planning should always put people first — without losing sight of the road ahead. Employer Flexible works with small to midsized companies to align the needs of the workforce with the goals of the business. We deepen that relationship by continually advising our clients on making smarter, more confident business decisions across payroll, risk, benefits and HR management.

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Step 1 Consultation

You care about your employees and so do we. So much so that we take all the time and effort necessary to get to know you and your goals, as well as to identify anything that’s standing in the way of reaching those goals. Then we offer recommendations to break down barriers so you can continue to grow your company.

Step 2 Service Integration

Our service integration team (SIM) provides all the necessary training, processes and tools to quickly take you through our SMART Start program. We introduce you to our entire team of certified and experienced experts who work together to get you up and running as efficiently as possible. You’ll also be assigned a service integration manager who will be your single point of contact so you can always go straight to the source.

Other team members who are involved on an ongoing basis include:

Benefits manager

Serves as a patient advocate for employees, answers employee questions and handles insurance escalation issues.

Risk manager

Addresses and recommends safety practices, provides a risk action plan as needed, provides training and web-based resources, addresses ergonomics.

HR manager

Handles pre-employment, change of employee status and day-to-day maintenance.

HR consultant

Acts as a confidential source for management of sensitive issues, defines and regularly assesses the HR roadmap, manages the roadmap, identifies trends and recommends best practices, pinpoints problems, helps develop hiring profiles.

A big part of integration is making sure that your employees are happy. Because when they’re happy, you’re happy. Change can be scary, especially when it comes to benefits. So we make the transition to Employer Flexible a celebration and do all we can to involve and educate your employees throughout the process.

Step 3 Staying Close

Once you’re on board, we won’t distance ourselves from you. We stay right by your side to make sure that you’re staying on track. We provide periodic reassessments and metrics to identify any ongoing issues and change strategy if we need to. This is a long-term relationship, not a fly-by-night thing. So we promise to stay transparent, collaborate and grow with you as you work to achieve your goals.

When it comes time to renew, we make the process as painless as possible. Even though we’re confident you’ll stay with us, we give you plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to re-sign. We don’t wait until you have no time to choose.

And every year, we ask you how you think we’re doing, where we can improve and what we’re doing right so that we can better tailor our services to your needs.