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Photo of two people reviewing documents.

FTC Update on Non-Compete Agreements: What You Need to Know


Q2 2024 HR Legal Updates


2023 EEO-1 Reporting Period

Photo of people in a large conference room having a meeting.

5 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Photo of young business man in casual clothes working on laptop.

Workplace Experts: Expect These Trends and Changes in 2024

Two young businesswomen havin a meeting.

The Importance of Stay Interviews: An HR Practice that Helps Hold on to Your Top Talent

Close up photo of Leave of Absence form.

Employee Leave: From the Routine to the Unexpected

Photo of senior businessman talking with his employee.

We Need to Talk: Difficult Conversations with Employees

Image of a puzzle with one piece remaining to be filled. The remaining piece has "Priorities" printed on it.

HR Strategy in 2024: Making Sure Your Priorities are Business-Led

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