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For many, it’s ideal if you can plan your career before you invest thousands of dollars in education. Although, that’s not possible for all. If possible, you should focus on leveraging up-and-coming industries in conjunction with an increased demand of certain jobs as you plan for your future. If you’re looking for job security, here are the top 10 occupations that are projected to grow the fastest in the next 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Solar Panel Installer

Also called solar photovoltaic panel installers, this job is expected to grow a whopping 105% over the next 10 years, far outpacing other occupations. The current median salary is $39,490 annually. To become a solar panel installer, all you need is a high-school education or GED.

2. Wind Turbine Technician

In this job role, you would install, repair and maintain wind turbines. While on-the-job training is usually provided, you may have to invest in a technician certificate program to qualify. Expect to earn a salary of about $53,880 per year once you have enough experience.

3. Home Health Aide/Personal Caregiver

There are currently over 70 million baby boomers in the U.S., and many of them will need home health care. This may account for the 39% to 47% growth that’s expected in this industry over the next 10 years. With no college degree necessary and a median salary of $23,130 annually, this is an occupation worth consideration.

4. Physician’s Assistant

As a PA, you would work as a medical team member for a clinic, doctor’s office or hospital. You’d spend your workdays examining patients, diagnosing conditions and treating illnesses. A master’s degree is required, but median salaries are $104,860 per year. The job outlook is great, with a 37% growth anticipated over the next 10 years.

5. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners’ job growth outlook is great, with a 31% increase in job demand anticipated over the next 10 years. Median pay is $110,930 annually, but you do need a master’s degree to get this sought-after job.

6. Statistician/Mathematician

Are you crazy about numbers? Job outlook for statisticians and mathematicians is 33%, which is much higher than average. Your master’s degree in this field could get you a salary in the range of $88,760.

7. Physical Therapist Assistant

With a job growth outlook of 30% over the next 10 years, being a physical therapist’s assistant seems pretty appealing. All you usually need is an associate’s degree and a certificate from an accredited school.

8. Software Developer/Coder

Computers will still be an integral part of our lives over the next 10 years, judging from the job growth outlook of 24%. In this role, you’d create and code software programs for major companies. Expect earnings in the range of $103,560 per year.


If you’re looking for an occupation with positive job outlook, one of these 8 jobs may be perfect for you!



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