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Recruitment best practices take time to master. The newest trends in recruitment encompass a whole array of marketing strategies that require full-time attention. Does your company really have the time and energy needed to devote to recruiting for new hires? The costs of not doing it correctly are high. Bad hires cost companies thousands of dollars in training expense and lost hours. When your company needs to make sure that new hires are the right hires, consider using a quality recruiting service you can depend upon. Following is just a small look into the entire recruitment process that you won’t have to do when you hire a recruiting service.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing has to do with looking at job candidates in a similar way that companies look at prospective customers. Currently, the market is candidate-driven. That simply means that job seekers have the advantage over hiring companies. There are more jobs to go around than candidates to fill them.

Top recruitment services do things like create a recruitment strategy that revolves around marketing that works. This includes building a marketing funnel that includes making candidates aware of the company and its brand, enticing candidates to consider the benefits of working at the company and getting the candidate interested in taking the job. Recruitment services include creating a talent pipeline so that new vacancies can be filled as soon as possible with interested new recruits who are already waiting to be considered for a job with your company. This is done through a variety of methods that may include things like offering expert webinars, creating email campaigns and building employee value propositions to vet candidates.

Social Media Campaigns

Recruitment services may also include rigorous social media campaigns, where popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are leveraged to seek out new talent, build engagement and awareness and draw interest from eligible candidates.

Vetting Prospects

One of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting is vetting prospects. When your company is a desirable place to work, you may have candidates who aren’t qualified trying to get a position they won’t be successful at. A recruiting service company takes care of making sure that the only candidates who move on to the interview stage are ones who actually are qualified to be successful in the job should they ultimately get hired. This requires a lot of time-consuming research. Background checks have to be done, telephone reference calls have to be made, and facts need to be checked. This is just one more reason to use a professional recruiting service instead of trying to do everything yourself. 

Sourcing From the Best

When it comes to filling a vacancy in your company, you want to source from the best. This is where professional recruiting services really perform something close to magic. Professional recruitment services know just where to look for qualified candidates who are the cream of the crop. They source from the best so that there is a quality pool of talent to draw from. There’s no worry that your job candidates will be less than excellent when you make the smart choice to use a professional recruitment service for all your hiring needs.

As you can imagine, all these tasks take up an enormous amount of time and energy. Can your company really afford to try to do all this alone? At the end of the day, it’s not worth it to try it alone. You can’t afford not to hire a professional recruitment service. Contact us today to learn more.


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