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Employer Flexible has opened their first office in the state Montana in 2022.

We are excited to help companies based in Montana reach their full potential by assisting with all of their HR needs. Below is an article we wrote and distributed recently about two of our team members in Montana – Larry and Logan Iverson.

Most Montanans know that some of life’s best lessons are learned not in a classroom but in the great outdoors.

For Flathead Valley natives, Larry and Logan Iverson, those lessons came in a buffalo pasture – specifically in the buffalo pasture turned into Buffalo Hill Golf Club in Kalispell.

During the summers, the young Iverson brothers were dropped off by their working parents each morning at the club which featured a challenging 18-hole course and a novice-friendly 9-hole course.

From 8am ’till their parents rolled back around to pick them up at 5pm, the Iverson’s learned their love of golf with the scenic backdrop of Stillwater River, Whitefish Mountain Resort, and Glacier National Park.

The goal was to get as good as they could get, and they approached the task at hand with diligence, focus, and passion.

And boy, did it pay off as they became junior golf legends and both Larry (in 2007 the first year the school opened) and Logan (in 2012) led Glacier High School to state golf titles.

Both brothers went on to collegiate golf careers – Larry at the University of Washington, becoming the first student athlete from Glacier to sign a Division I scholarship, and Logan at Colorado State University.

It was more than just golf for the Iverson’s who loved all sports, with Logan becoming Glacier High School’s first-ever 4-sport athlete (lettering in golf, basketball, tennis and football).

Their sports success translated to the business world as the two boys gained an appreciation of what it takes to build a business, watching and working alongside their dad as he planted the roots of success for Valley Glass.

In college, both Iverson’s majored in business and returned to Montana to help support local businesses like their father built.

Today the Iverson’s are still “going for the green”, only it’s the financial success of businesses in Montana that they are focused on. They have brought their business acumen to PEO Employer Flexible.

Their goal is to “help their business clients from point A to point Z” from their respective locations across the state, Logan in Missoula, and Larry in Billings.

Both brothers understand that growing and sustaining a business in today’s economy is not for the faint of heart, but they have a grasp of the resources that can be leveraged to allow local businesses to make the jump in their growth.

Whenever they meet with new clients, the Iverson’s central question is “how can we increase your company’s capacity?”.

The Iverson brothers are not twins, but they think alike. When Glacier Wolfpack Golf featured them in their “Where are They Now” column they both had advice that works well in sports as well as business.

Larry said: “Surround yourself with people and players that bring the best out of you.”

Logan said: “Play with players who are better than you and who make you focus on every aspect of your game.”

And both brothers ended with their most important advice: “Have fun!”

For the Iverson’s, they enjoy working under the Employer Flexible banner where they can help local Montana companies identify gaps and opportunities in their operations.

The Iverson’s and Employer Flexible can provide local businesses with a game plan that includes a comprehensive HR plan tailored to each company’s unique needs. Services include:

  • HR Services
  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll Management
  • Risk Management
  • HR Technology

Outsourcing to a PEO like Employer Flexible and the Iverson’s can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with the territory, and any golf tips you get from Larry and Logan are a bonus.



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