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Here at Employer Flexible, our mission is to be an advocate for your business. We are passionate about getting to know our clients so that we can combine our expertise and intuition to get you what you need. So you talked; we listened. 

Over the past 24 months, the way we all work has changed drastically. Which means Employer Flexible needs to be exactly that: flexible. We have done so by streamlining internal processes so that our clients benefit now more than ever.

We do whatever it takes to impact what matters. Read on to see exactly what we have implemented internally to improve our clients’ business.

Development of Internal Thought Processes

Motivated by the deep-set need to always improve and evolve so that we can better serve our clients, our project management style has changed.

We now take an individualized project management approach to each and every client. Every company has its own workplace culture, and its PEO should reflect that. Here’s what improving the Employer Flexible project management process looks like:

  • Focusing on improving and streamlining every client interaction with our PEO and HR Services
  • Continually advancing all pathways of technology for external and internal projects in order to increase efficiency 
  • Increasing and maintaining impactful internal training and learning to better serve our clients

By converting to the Agile Project Management Methodology, our project delivery is faster and more effective, so that we can get our clients what they need, quickly and without error.

Through utilizing Microsoft Teams, the internal communication platform, we have streamlined how we communicate and collaborate within all departments. This means providing HR, payroll, and risk management solutions for our clients faster than ever.

And, Our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) process has been modernized. Each quarter, every internal department revisits its SOP and adjusts as necessary due to the ever-changing landscape of HR and risk management.

Digital Transformation

We are committed to the consistent development of our ability to serve our clients and each other through the use of technology.

We bring you an enhanced Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that has been modernized and carefully re-organized so that your company can complete core HR processes in no-time-flat. Some improvements that have been made in our HRIS are:

  • Improved ease-of-use and user experience
  • Dashboard improvements and updates
  • Updated reporting features which include new data analysis tools

We have also enhanced and streamlined the client onboarding and reporting processes through the utilization of trusted third-party software solutions.

The Impact of Change

Reducing the administrative burden of human resources is the number-one role of the PEO, but it’s only the first step. Employer Flexible wants to help you with aligning your workforce with your business strategy in order to reach your long-term goals. Here are some improvements we have made to help you achieve your company’s mission:

  • Emphasizing the individual approach: our team has client status meetings every week to ensure you are hitting the HR milestones required to help you become the company you want to be
  • Focusing on meaningful communication with clients: productive communication means more HR solutions in less time

We also want to align our core purpose and values with how we provide solutions for our clients. How do we do that? We want to get things done quickly and flawlessly, so we can help you focus on the big picture.

We do that by working through the two roadmaps:

  1. Essential Roadmap: provides the initial onboarding to set our client up for success. (Ex. manager and compliance training, handbook assessment, and FLSA review)
  2. Strategic Roadmap: continued implementation of HR strategy. (Ex. training and development, performance management, hiring, and compensation analysis)

These two roadmaps are created with your company’s unique needs in mind.

Making HR Easier and Better

Employer Flexible was founded on the idea that a PEO should do more than simply lessen the administrative burden of HR. Over the years we’ve worked with organizations of every size to increase business insight, remove doubt and align your workforce with your company vision.

We’ve improved — and so will you with Employer Flexible as your PEO.

Let us show you how you can put better processes and procedures in place to take the worry out of human resource issues.

Questions about the new-and-improved Employer Flexible? Contact us today.


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